Iain Fraser Grigor – Arts – Literature

Iain Fraser Grigor – Arts – Literature

With more than 900 photos, illustrations and maps, this guide outlines a complete overview of the Baltic States, with all the information a tourist needs to make an unforgettable journey. It portrays in detail the history and traditions of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, as well as presenting its main attractions: churches, cathedrals, monasteries, parks, untouched landscapes, historic centers and the rich medieval and baroque architecture that characterizes them.

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Bring tips from hotels, hostels, restaurants and bars to all budgets and useful phrase guides in Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian.

From very early on, knowledge has become a problem requiring theories. The theorization of the act of knowing culminates in the ethics of knowledge and the dream of a humanity freed from obscurantism. Today many philosophers and men of science regard the task of elaborating “a knowledge of knowledge” as primordial. In this project, there is an ambition to control the perversion, whenever possible, of the instruments of technical and scientific progress, the desire to restore the confidence of the citizen, which awaits democracy, the conjugation and consideration of one another, knowledge and power.

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To seek to dismantle the mechanisms of knowledge, to identify its theoretical presuppositions and to express its philosophical implications, is the aspiration of a project to know knowledge, which contributes to the prevention of error, control of the consequences of technical- scientists, to elucidate the conditions of a lay moral and, finally, to welcome the promises of the future. Jean – Michel Besnier is an associate professor and doctorate in Philosophy, and is currently a researcher at the CNRS ‘Communication and Policy Laboratory.

Esta exposição sobre a teoria do conhecimento originou-se nas aulas proferidas pelo autor na Universidade de Colônia. Isso explica o esforço, não tanto para a tudo oferecer soluções completas, mas para apresentar de modo claro e minucioso o sentido dos problemas e as diferentes possiblidades de solução, sem renunciar a um exame crítico e a uma tomada de posição. O autor tem a convicção de que o sentido último do conhecimento filosófico não é tanto solucionar enigmas quanto descobrir maravilhas.

After Drunk and Subliminal, Mlodinow takes us on another journey through the world of science

An odyssey full of discoveries and populated by fascinating characters whose insatiable curiosity has led our species from its origins in the African savannah to the present day. But how did they do it?

How do we get out of the caves to the cars, from the trees to the skyscrapers, from walking on two feet to the exploration of the Moon?

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With his usual simplicity, good humor and enormous erudition, Leonard Mlodinow explores the cultural conditions that have influenced scientific thought through the ages and the unique personalities of great scientists, philosophers and thinkers such as Galileo, Newton, and Lavoisier. A book for those in love with science and anyone interested in creative thinking and the incessant quest to understand the world.

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Informative, accessible and intriguing, it is a true tribute to human curiosity.

“Powerful […] Mlodinow impresses new life on the history of science.” Publishers Weekly

“An incredible and very enjoyable story … [Mlodinow] is a specialist in the popularization of science.” Booklist

“Fascinating … A guided and well-selected journey on the process of accumulation of knowledge of mankind … A breathtaking catch.” Kirkus Review

“Mlodinow makes a living tracing of the revolutions of thought and culture that define our civilization and, as a bonus, presents a stimulating insight into the history and majestic scope of modern science.” V.S. Ramachandran, author of What the brain has to tell

Iain Fraser Grigor – Arts – Literature