Ranking with Local SEO Citations

Finding The Perfect Local Citations

We all know that SEO done locally is about getting your website onto all those directories so that Google knows that you are a force in your community. What we don’t all know is how to find all these directories that are going to be worthwhile in placing our business listing. A simple few steps will let you know how you can get to the top by finding all the citations you can.

Scraping The Information From Your Competition

It is little known knowledge that the competing businesses above you have entered their business into more websites than you or there is something else going on that we aren’t seeing like pagerank backlinks and what not. When you find all of the directories that your competition is using you can easily go to each of them and enter your business thus getting some valuable links that you might otherwise have not realized that were out there.

Once you have together a few of the local results for your keyword, you’re going to go ahead and run these through a scraping program to find all of the different webpages that their citations are currently on. You may quickly notice that the other businesses citations reach webpages that you didn’t even know existed. This is the time where you add your site and see the resulting boost to your SERP position.

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Getting the most out of your local seo

Local SEO can be a really tricky thing because its hard to know what each individual person is seeing when they type in a keyword. Google tries to separate each town to a certain extent but for some keywords it’s possible to rank for surrounding towns if you have enough backlinks and citations.

One thing you want to look out for is that the NAP is consistent for everyone of your directory listings. This means that your business name, address, and phone number are the exact same on every page to avoid any confusion that might be caused to the search engine if some say one address and others say another address for the same business.

Just make sure all of your listings are correct by going through a scraped list of directories and checking off each one when you see it’s there or fixing it if the listing is off in any way. If you do these things you are going to notice an increase in your website for the SERP on your keyword.

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